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Limit the disruption to events and make sure fire, medical
and security incidents are responded to instantaneously

Take control of incident deployment within moments by allocating the nearest relevant marshals and make sure all incident details are centralised through the use of our intuitive cloud based mobile app.

Incident and asset records will be accessible by the click of a button, providing you with the data needed for incident investigations and annual audits. Through real-time live reporting the visibility of your stadium will be increased, providing a full audit trail at all times.

Minimise the impact of an incident
with Device Agnostic Mobile Working

Our dedicated mobile app enables anytime remote access to Pro-Cloud Stadium, bringing automated up to date information to users anytime, anywhere.

Real-Time Incident Management


Incident Management
Incident Management Screens


Real-time incident management is the primary functionality of Pro-Cloud Stadium and is where emergency deployment of staff is actioned for fire, medical and security. Once an incident has been detected through the Control Room, an automated functionality of Pro-Cloud Stadium, a push message will be sent to the nearest and most appropriate employee in the particular zone of a stadium, making sure an incident is responded to as quickly as possible.

Through the use of Mobile Working employees log into the Pro-Cloud app as soon as they enter the stadium, which is when they are allocated to a particular zone. As soon as an employee is deployed to an incident they will receive a mobile notification and on acceptance they will get to work.

Asset and Planned Maintenance Management


Asset Management
Asset Management Screens


Automate all medical and fire asset tasks and make sure all associated planned maintenance is scheduled and ad hoc tests are accessible when necessary. Pro-Cloud Stadiums Asset and Test Management feature will provide you with a panoramic view of your entire stadium. Specific tasks and tests can be allocated to an asset, making sure they are used to their optimum and health and safety procedures are always adhered to. As soon as an asset status is altered managerial personnel will be able to view the outcome and resolve any issues that have been flagged.


Event Management


Event Management
Event Management Screens


Having the capabilities to view past, current and future event data will assist your events management team with their everyday jobs. The event management functionality of Pro-Cloud Stadium will enable you to view all events planned to take place at your venue, how many people will be attending and the amount of staff allocated. Budgets can be set and revenue forecasts can be viewed at the click of a button.

Data will be at your fingertips, enabling you to make key business decisions through easy event analytics.

Management Reporting

Reporting Screens

The Pro-Cloud Stadium solution reports on all events and incidents in real-time, giving you the ability to continually view the change in status and take the action necessary to resolve an incident as soon as possible. A full audit trail and a detailed history of each event is accessible through pre-built and custom-made reports, arming you with the tools to make key business decisions, spot trends and manage your workforce effectively.

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